Sports Evolution Training

Here is where it all begins for our athletes. Even though every “Personalized” Exercise Prescription may differ, the process of developing a solid plan doesn’t vary. Gathering baseline information on our Athletes is critical in program development and starts with a complete HEALTH AND SPORT EVALUATION.

Performance Training

Sports Evolution Evaluation

Cost = $35
Sports Evolution uses this evaluation to assess the athletes current level of ability. Used by itself for self monitoring purpose or in conjunct with program the design, The; Health and Sport Evaluation is critical to every athlete program for many reasons:
• Assessing the current level of an athlete’s ability
• Lays the groundwork in program design
• Puts the athletes on a path of least resistance in achieving their goals
• Allows coaches, athletes, and parents to monitor progression

The Next Gen Eval will assess the athletes structure and function. Included is an evaluation of mobility, balance, speed, power, endurance, plus more! All our Athletes are monitored by a certified strength and conditioning coach to ensure safety and effectiveness of our programs.

Sports Evolution Athlete Training

Cost = $96 for 8 Training Sessions (2 x week)
Sports Evolution uses this program to educate youth (9-17 years) on the proper movements required to be successful in today’s sports . The evaluation lays the ground work for the Youth Sports Movement Prep Training Program.

Athletes are monitored by a certified strength and conditioning coach to ensure safety and effectiveness. The program is to educate the athlete on the basic foundational needs of every athlete. The Youth Sports Movement Prep will develop the skills necessary to be successful in any sports training program and sport!

Sports Evolution Speed Training

Cost = $96 for 8 Training Sessions (2 x week)
Sports Evolution offers Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training. One of the easiest ways to get an advantage over the competition is to allow our staff to help athletes understand the necessary skills to reach their top speed. Leading Athletes Speed Training lasses our offered weekly.

  • Starting and Acceleration
  • Speed and Flexibility/Mobility
  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness Drills
  • Power Endurance Training
  • Running Mechanics
    This action packed training is often accompanied by our Youth Sports Movement Prep Training.  However, our Leading Athletes Speed Training will emphasize developing athletes weaknesses and allow for MAXIMIZING results in short periods of time.

Sports Evolution Personal Training Program

Cost = $40 per hour, 1 on 1 Personal Training

This is a great option for individuals who like to work out in a private setting. Sports Evolution offers one on one service, for those who want in depth information on health and fitness. Our staff will customize a program based upon the individual client needs and goals while keeping you motivated and goal oriented. Allow us to help you decrease body fat, increase muscle, and improve activities of daily life. Our personal training has been one of Sports Evolution’s leading programs over the years.

Sports Evolution Performance Training Prices

Sports Evolution Evaluation

Baseline information (speed, power, balance, etc.) will be gathered on
the student-athlete. This will provide a solid foundation for the training

2 x Athlete Performance/Leading Athletes Speed Training
Per Month
– 8 Sessions

CrossFit Sports Evolution


One of the most popular health and fitness programs in America, CrossFit Sports Evolution offers a fun and flexible workout, designed to improve upon a variety of physical characteristics.

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